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Reaching over 45 million homes Nationwide on


ABC tv-25 - Every Sunday at 12 noon (Prime Time!)


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ABC TV-25 letter

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Comcast, DirecTV, Time Warner and other networks



We reach over 9 million “Unique Viewers” impressions per month in over 44 million homes nationwide on JLTV, DirecTV, Time Warner, Comcast and other networks and on our YouTube channel 24/7 worldwide

The Shalom Show is the longest running, most widely broadcast and most recognized Jewish TV program with a successful track record since 1979 especially due to our name recognition, credibility and content that is important to our very receptive audience.


Eastern Standard Time every Monday

Pacific Time every Monday

5:00 PM Prime-Time



1:00 PM


 The Shalom Show is broadcast on the air - every week - at these regular scheduled times:

Eastern Standard Time every Friday

Pacific Time every Friday

7:00 PM Prime-Time



4:00 PM


Eastern Standard Time every Saturday

Pacific Time every Saturday

12:30 PM Prime-Time



9:30 am AM Prime-Time



 The Shalom Show is on the air worldwide 24/7 on:


Shalom Show YouTube Channel Worldwide 24/7















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American Distribution


Advanced Cable/Blue Stream

South Florida - Channel 107


Atlantic Broadband:

Miami Beach/South Miami - Channel 167


Charter Communications - Spectrum

- Legacy Bright House

Bakersfield - Channel 448
Birmingham - Channel 256
Detroit (Livonia, Redford, Farmington) - Channel 178
Indianapolis - Channel 256
Marion, IN - Channel 165
Orlando/Daytona Beach/Melbourne - Channel 165
Tampa - Channel 172

- Legacy Charter

Dallas area - Channel 469 (originally served by Charter and Time Warner)
Long Beach, CA (originally served by Charter) - Channel 207
Los Angeles Area (originally served by Charter) - Channel 176

- Legacy Time Warner Cable

Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY - Channel 469
Arrostoock County, ME - Channel 469
Athol, MA - Channel 469
Austin, TX - Channel 469
Buffalo, NY - Channel 469
The Carolinas - Channel 469
Cleveland, OH - Channel 384
Corpus Christi - Channel 469
Dallas area - Channel 469 (originally served by Charter and Time Warner)
El Paso, TX - Channel 469
Erie, PA - Channel 384
Hudson Valley, NY - Channel 469
Laredo, TX - Channel 469
Los Angeles Area - Channel 469
Lubbock, TX - Channel 469
Keene, NH - Channel 469
New England (Other) - Channel 469
New York City Area- Channel 469
Northern New Jersey - Channel 469
Olean, NY - Channel 469
Palm Springs Area - Channel 469
Rio Grande Valley, TX - Channel 469
Rochester, NY - Channel 469
San Antonio, TX - Channel 469
San Diego, CA - Channel 469
Southern ME (Cumberland and York Counties) - Channel 469
Western NY (Syracuse, Binghamton, Utica) - Channel 469
Waco, TX - Channel 469
Youngstown, OH - Channel 384
Yuma-El Centro - Channel 469




Boston/New Hampshire - Channel 196
Charleston, SC - Channel 239
Central Illinois (including Springfield) - Channel 788
Florida Gulf Coast Communities around Ft. Meyers/Naples - Channel 239
Greater Chicago Area - Channel 686
Greater Philadelphia (including South New Jersey and Northern Delaware) - Channel 288
Hartford, CT - Channel 397
Houston - Channel 268
New Jersey (both New York and Philadelphia suburbs) - Channel 288
Northwest Indiana (including South Bend) - Channel 686
Orlando Area - Channel 239
Savannah, GA - Channel 254
South Florida Counties - Channel 239
Western New England (portions of CT, MA and NY)



Nationwide - Channel 325-1 Call 877-7MY-JLTV for Free Installation


Hotwire Communications:

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina - Channel 270



Channel 238


Independent cable systems across America are also carrying JLTV:

Laguna Woods Digital TV Service, CA – Channel 210
Wainwright Cable, Funston, GA - Channel 45
Wainwright Cable, Norman Park, GA - Channel 99


Foreign Distribution

                    Canada, Bell TV - Channel 751
                    El Salvador - SALNET - Channel 108

            Puerto Rico - Channel 36 


Worldwide Distribution:

Shalom Show YouTube Channel Worldwide 24/7





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Shalom Show




SECURITY for Israel and Jewish life is essential. 

So is public opinion and the need to broadcast these programs, since 1979.

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keep the Shalom Show SECURE!

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