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Independence Day, Hatikvah - Tribute to the Israel Defense Forces

UAE Israel and Bahrain Peace Signed at White House Sept. 15, 2020

The Real History of Israel with Marc Goldman

The Shalom Show® is dedicated to informing the public about Israel and Jewish life, about all friends and history, technology and tourism and about the achievements, challenges and hopes for progress, inspiring solutions and more peace. A cause today that is more essential than ever. 

The Shalom Show® on TV is broadcast nationwide on ABC TV-25 in Palm Beach and on DirecTV, Comcast, Time Warner, JLTV and other networks reaching over 45 million homes, with national coverage  across the USA, presenting an impartial variety of subjects and views. 

The Shalom Show® has a long track record of credibility and name recognition and is honored to be regarded as the premier Israel/Jewish TV show in the USA; on the air continuously since 1979.

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Jerusalem Day - Historic Milestones

Balfour Declaration Centennial - UK Theresa May - PM Netanyahu

PM Bennett, Mayor Brook, Marc Friedman

Dr. Fred Lippman, NSU and Bill Faloon on Health

April 2022

Dr. Shai Efrati on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - with Dave Globig

Alan Dershowitz discussing Cancel Culture with Marc Goldman

President Biden congratulated by PM Netanyahu and Alan Dershowitz, with Marc Goldman

Special Tribute - 2022


Jonathan Davis - Reichman University Israel

Nitzan Siegel-viewpoint from Israel with Marc Goldman - June 2021

Rabbi Marvin Hier on Anti-Semitism

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - Dr. Shai Efrati and Bill Faloon

Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro

Friendship with Brazil, March 2021

PASSOVER - Next Year in Jerusalem - March 2021

PM Netanyahu, Rabbi Avraham Friedman and Marc Goldman

Congressman Ted Deutch

Speaker Newt Gingrich on the historic 2020 peace agreements

Inter-dependency on STEM education and industry

Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King

Alan Dershowitz on Jerusalem - Capital of Israel

Dr. Sandra Kaufmann Bernie Marcus and Bill Faloon

Alan Dershowitz and Marc Goldman - Nov. 2020

Dr. Oren Hershkovitz on Immunotherapy and treatment

Pandemic and Overview

Dean Trantalis, Mayor of Ft. Lauderdale

Ambassador Navtej Sarna  - Indo-Israel Friendship

State Attorney Dave Aronberg

Pandemic update Bill Faloon Oct. 2020 and updates from Israel

The Shalom Show® historically promotes Israel and Jewish life and a better understanding of Israel’s achievements, its friends and hopes for peace. The need to promote peace, goodwill and inspiring solutions are a cause that today is more essential than ever. Throughout our many years of programming, we impartially feature a broad spectrum of ideas and viewpoints.

Gov. Mike Huckabee and Danny Danon

Israel 70th Independence Day Special

UN Ambassador Danny Danon and Marc Goldman

Bernie Marcus and Bill Faloon part 1

Bernie Marcus and Bill Faloon part 2

UN Ambassador Danny Danon and Marc Goldman

Update on the pandemic with Bill Faloon at FAU and Sonovia

Angela Stanton King and Dr. Alveda King - Niece of

Dr. Martin Luther King

VP Mike Pence and Adam Milstein at the IAC Conference

Caroline Goodman - Mayor of Las Vegas

Liz Parrish on health with Bill Faloon

Ambassador Danny Ayalon with Marc Goldman

US Ambassador Robin Bernstein

Israel Air Force Major General Amir Eshel and FIDF

Suzanne Somers and Bill Faloon

El Al Israel Airlines - Miami Inauguration Event

Kent Fuchs, President University of Florida

Alan Dershowitz on Remembrance & Consul General Haiat

Ambassador Michael Oren  and FIDF

SonoviaTech - Innovation and science from Israel

Congressman Bill Posey & Frank DiBello


Jay Sekulow addressing UN on BDS

Gilad Erdan, Israel Government Minister

Congressman Ted Deutch (D)


Gov. Mike Huckabee and Danny Danon

Israel 70th Independence Day Special

UN Ambassador Danny Danon and Marc Goldman

America - Israel Friendship Special


We feature special reports and in-depth interviews with American, Israeli and other leaders in politics, business, technology, medicine, education, culture, entertainment and other topics, generally focusing on positives and the achievements of the State of Israel and friends of all faiths, sharing a vision of peace, inspiring solutions and progress. Some of our shows focus on politics and throughout our many years of programming, we impartially feature politicians from left and right, Republicans and Democrats, to offer a broad spectrum of ideas and viewpoints, as we do in all subject areas.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg

I am Israel

Mayor Rudi Giuliani

Jay Isaacson and Brian Siegal - AJC


Jay Sekulow addressing UN on BDS

Ambassador Yossi Gal

Benjamin Netanyahy Chanukah 2019

Meryl Levitz, President and CEO of Visit Philadelphia

Volker Anding, Ambassador, Federal Republic of Germany (Ret.)

Ambassador Ido Aharoni

President of El Al Israel Airlines - Miami Inauguration Event


Stem Cell Research in Israel and Worldwide

Hebrew University


Shari Arison - Good Deeds Day

The Shalom Show® first aired in South Florida in 1979 on local broadcast stations every Sunday, produced on location in the USA, in Israel and elsewhere. The show founder, host and producer Richard Peritz, is recognized as one of the premier broadcast TV personalities and interviewers in America and has conducted hundreds of compelling exclusive interviews, in addition to producing numerous acclaimed special TV productions and short films. Peritz comments: “It has been a privilege for me to host The Shalom Show and I’ve had the pleasure and honor of interviewing distinguished leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu, Mike Huckabee, Ted Deutch, Shimon Peres, Itzhak Rabin, Abba Eban and many other Israeli and American leaders in business, education and other fields. We look forward to reaching an increasing audience worldwide to thereby more effectively share positive and fair in-depth programs that enlighten a broad spectrum of viewers, including members of all faiths”.

Maxine Fassberg, CEO, Intel Israel

Shimon Peres

Age Reversal research update 3-28-2019

Dep. Chief Shawn Backer and Mike Satz State Attorney

Alan Dershowitz

Mark Rosenberg, President of Florida International University

Haim Yavin

Pastor Bob Coy

John Bolton




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