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Michael Oren

Ambassador, State of Israel

Committee Chairman


Dr. Uzi and Orit Bodman


Prof. Claude E. Billigheimer

McMaster University


Ambassador John Bolton


I. Stanley Brooks


Ted Deutsch

Member U.S. Congress


Abraham S. Fischler

President Emeritus, NOVA NSU University


Col. Raanan Gissin, Ph.D

Israel Defense Forces (Res.)


Abraham Gittelson

Central Agency for Jewish Education


Alfred Golden

National Commissioner

Anti Defamation League


Alcee Hastings

Member of Congress


Ms. Ruhama Hermon

Consul General, State of Israel


Prof. Steve Hochstadt

Illinois College


Eliezer Hod

Israel Government Tourist Office


Lt. Col. Karni Kav

Israel Defense Forces (res.)


Rositte Kenigsberg

President, Holocasut Documentation and Education Center


Col. Alexander Levy

Israel Defense Forces (res.)


Harry Levy

Past President

Jewish Federation of Greater Miami


Dr. Moshe Liba

Ambassador, State of Israel


Uzi Michaeli

Commissioner of Tourism

State of Israel


 Ivan Novick

Past National Chairman

Zionist Organization of America


Dr. Nechama Sataty

University of Pennsylvania


Rabbi Solomon Schiff

Executive Vice President

Rabbinical Association of Greater Miami


Debbie Wasserman Schultz 

Member of Congress


Robert J. Schwartz

American Red Magen David for Israel


Michael Stein



Dr. John Williams       


Dr. Joseph Wirth


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